Heaven on Earth


For all of us who studied in R.S.K,It is not just a name,Its a sentence,a sweet story, an unforgettable poetry.

7 years had passed since I had stepped out of school. And now I was stepping in again.

It was last Sunday.

As I passed through those familiar gates a strange emotion crept in me. Just like the wind that made an onslaught on my face, a million sweet memories also did the same to my brain. The three of us- Giri,Lakshmi and myself, walked towards the building that had seen the best moments of our life.

12D was the class where we last sat in and luckily it was open. As we walked in I felt as if the class room had grown smaller after we left. Each of us sat in a bench. The bench too looked small even to me. We scanned the benches to see if there was something that we had scribbled. It was unparalleled  optimism after 7 years. We saw “Danger Boyz”,”Cute Galz” but couldn’t find any “Terrific 2002 Batch” or for that matter any of our names. We traversed backwards through time as we checked out 11th,then 10th and then the  9th standard classroom of ours.The time-machine would forever be No.1 in the list of “Mankind’s  unfulfilled fantasies”. The walls looked older but the warmth had not left the premises.

The banyan tree, strong as ever, welcomed us. As we walked under its shadow I remembered  so many of our punishments,every celebration that rocked the campus,all our prayers,chantings during  anxiety filled exam days, group discussions,common lunches and so many more moments.

Next was the basketball court.A small group was playing like we did more than half a decade back.Giri asked for the ball. I told him”Dude you must be out of form”.He did not even care about my comment and took a shot and it went in. I took a couple of shots in the football field. I challenged  that I can take a direct  shot at the goal from half-court.Almost 10 months of inactivity had taken the power out of my shots. The goal keeper collected the ball in two bounces. I gave Giri and Lakshmi a wry smile.

We crossed the ground and reached Junior school(where we finished standards six,seven and eight). We sat on the Assembly stage and chatted about some of the sweet little crushes,small victories,fancy dress contests,Heat&finals,Sports day,music classes and the list went on.

The only thing in my mind was “should have walked in on a working day’. It would have been great had we seen our teachers. If one of you is reading this –  ” We miss you“.

As we left the campus,I was able to see the evening sun hitting at an angle that we used to so often enjoy after a day’s practice. I could feel the warmth but I knew full well that it wasn’t just the sun. If someone had asked if I believed in Heaven, I would have just smiled.

It had only been an hour since we stepped inside but when we left it felt as though it had been a lifetime.

It indeed was.

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10 Responses to Heaven on Earth

  1. Bonny says:

    Very touchy….I really like the way you pen down words. It’s so frictionless!!!

  2. Arthy Narayanan says:

    Wow!!!.. great piece of writing Parthiban.. hats off to u.. it really made me visualize things and i really felt carried away by all those golden memories.. our school was our second home..!!

  3. Raghav says:

    Parthi… back to form!!!

  4. Joshua says:

    Aha! The internet, my friend, is a vast and wondrous
    store of many varied delights. Looks like I chanced
    upon one. Keep writing! 🙂

  5. Vimal says:

    Awesome dude! Although I dont know ur school, the way u have described it is wonderful. Not only are these a reflection of the really good times u had, but also a wonderful ability to pen them down. Do write more and regularly!

  6. Archana says:

    Good piece of writing parth! keep em coming!

  7. Arthi says:

    My memories of the same school are much older than yours are. Yet, when I went there a few years back, I felt the same warmth, the dwarfed classrooms and benches and the good Old Banyan tree. Memories!

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